HQ Christmas Parties 2018
HQ Christmas Parties 2018

Christmas Parties – December 2018

What a Christmas Party series that was! Thank you to each and every one of you that came along to party with us in December 2018. It was an absolute pleasure creating the magical Christmas wonderland for you all to enjoy.

We hope you had a fantastic Christmas and would love to see you all again in December 2019 for an even MORE fantastic series of Christmas Parties.

Our reveals to dining are always BREATHTAKING – we promise!

We always promise the most WONDERFUL Christmassy interior decorations at HQ Nights Christmas Parties.

We can’t wait to bring another magical and breath-taking Christmas party venue to Newmarket in December 2019!

To book your place for December 2019 you can contact party@hqnights.com

For more information on the HQ party brand visit www.hqnights.com in association with The Highfield Event Group.